Do you ever struggle with imposter syndrome when it comes to your career or business?

Wish You had unshakable confidence not matter who's in that meeting?

Ever wonder how those wildly successful women got to where they are today?

In this podcast you'll learn practical tips on how to develop the boss woman within.

Inspiring success stories 

Practical Career Advice 

Business strategies for entrepreneurs

Growth Mindset Tips

Candid Convos w/ Trailblazing Women

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- jiSpree

I absolutely love this podcast! As someone who often procrastinates and gets into analysis paralysis I needed to hear Paola say just start somewhere! This podcast gives you a glimpse into the lives of successful people that overcame failure to live out their purposes! Start with this podcast if you are looking for inspiration on starting and not letting failure hold you back! Thank you for this Paola!

"Much Needed Podcast!"

- HKeyz

Paola is sensational, bold and captivating! I highly recommend giving it a listen! This podcast is so needed in a time when failure is usually an afterthought in many success stories! I am encouraged! So excited for all the upcoming content!

"A Much Needed Resource!!!"

- AM Smith

Paola is a kind yet clear communicator and I'm thrilled to follow her show. She has such a tender tone and yet brings such truth to those who need wisdom, encouragement and advice to move our businesses forward with confidence.

"So Excited For This!!!"

Raquel Maldonado

Just a few episodes in and have realized that I also have had some of the same limiting beliefs in my career and life journey. Women coming together and sharing their stories of failure before success is a beautiful thing. As a society we see success and think it happens overnight. Some of us don't believe we are "good enough" to take on that project, start the business or accomplish the dream. Thank you for sharing these amazing women's stories. I received so many golden nuggets already!

"I Love this Podcast!"

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A little bit more about me,  I'm a former National News Producer that has had stories appear on Univision, ABC News and Telemundo among others. While working in news my favorite stories were always profile pieces that helped and inspired.

I started this podcast because I'm passionate about helping women overcome their fear of failing because I've been there myself. Now I'm taking my love of story telling and combining it with something I feel so strongly about, helping women redefine failure to chase bold dreams.

I believe all women should live the purpose-filled lives of their dreams.

Hi, I'm Paola.
A former national news journalist turned podcaster, entrepreneur, wife and mommy to a very active toddler that keeps me on my toes. 

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